Offset Vase with Blush

Original Work
Stoneware with slip
7 x 6 x 5


Cup with Crawling Shino Glaze Round Cup Triangle Cup Sake Cups (set of 2) Grenadine Vase in Dark Earth Tones Grenadine Vase in Celadon Six Sided Vase with Orange and Grey Six Sided Vase with Thick Varied Celadon Six Sided Vase in Mottled Burgundy Six Sided Vase with Crawling Shino Small Mottled Romulus Vase Small Earthtone Swoop Vase Small Glassy Swoop Vase Small Red Romulus Vase Shiny Black Nebra Vase Vase with Small Swoop and Orange Dark Vase with Purple Celadon Vase with Swoop and Bulb Small Vase with Orange Red Angular Vase Squat Vase with Celadon Swooping Vase with Pearl Glaze


Commissions Pottery Sculpture