DECEMBER 15, 2023

Potter's Market at the Mint

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

I'm excited to be showing my work at the Potter's Market at the Mint this Saturday! 

These Circle forms are one of the new series I've been exploring. I'll have these and other new work available.  If you're in the Charlotte area and can stop by, I would love to see you.  Thanks always for your interest and support!


Potter's Market at the Mint
Saturday, Sept. 23 from 9:15 am-4:00 pm

Mint Museum Randolph, 2730 Randolph Road, Charlotte NC 28207.

More information here

Upcoming Events

AUGUST 21, 2023


I have a some events coming up in the next few months:

Tango Themed Fundraiser for Starworks

I will be giving a tango lesson at the annual fundraiser for Starworks, in Star, NC on Sept 16.  I love dancing the Argentine tango and am really looking forward to sharing this dance with folks at this fundraiser.  When I started learning the tango 13 years ago, it really affected my clay work and, in fact, I started to see the world differently. The reason is that the tango relies a lot on maintaining connection with your partner and constantly acting and reacting within the feedback loop the two of you create.  I started to see this feed back loop everywhere, particularly in my clay work.  I started “listening” to the clay more, which sounds pretty corny, but really what I mean is that I became much in tune with the water content of the clay.  Any move I want to make with the clay is most efficiently made at a certain stage in its drying.  When I started learning tango, I started to really notice the constant and subtle changes that clay goes through.

Starworks is a fantastic arts non profit in central North Carolina, near Seagrove, which is one of the epicenters of pottery making in the US.  And its one of my favorite arts organizations.  It’s an honor to share a bit of my favorite hobby in support of this organization.

There will be live tango music by the Lorena Guillen Tango Ensemble

Please consider coming to this event and learning some tango!

Starworks Annual Fundraiser and Auction: Tapas & Tango
Saturday, September 16, 10am-3pm

Starworks, 100 Russell Drive, Star, NC 27356

More information here


Potter’s Market at the Mint

After several years away, I will be returning to the Potter’s Market at the Mint this year.  This is a great 1 day show exhibiting some of the best pottery and ceramic art in North Carolina.

Potter's Market at the Mint
Saturday, Sept. 23 from 9:15 am-4:00 pm

Mint Museum Randolph, 2730 Randolph Road, Charlotte NC 28207.

More information here


Three Potter’s Symposium and Exhibition at The Bascom with Joey Sheehan and Will Dickert.  Keynote lecture by Michael Sherrill.

I'm excited to be on the ticket for this years Potter's Symposium at The Bascom.  This is an annual event that The Bascom has been hosting for many years.  Many of the states finest ceramic artist have participated. Its an honor for me to be doing it this year.

Joey and Will are good friends of mine and Michael Sherrill, who is giving the keynote lecture, is one of North Carolina’s most esteemed ceramic artists.  We will demonstrating our work on Saturday.  This event is free to the public.

Three Potter’s Symposium at The Bascom
Friday, Sept. 29 4pm-6pm - Saturday, Sept 30 10am - 4 pm
The Bascom
323 Franklin Road
Highlands, NC 28741

Friday, Sept 29 4-6pm Keynote lecture with Michael Sherrill followed by cocktails and light fair during the exhibition opening.

Saturday, Sept 30 10-4pm  Demonstrations with Joey Sheehan, Will Dickert and myself.

More information here


Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour

I’ll be back in Omaha this fall for the pottery tour.  Looking forward to seeing my Omaha friends!

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour
Saturday, October 7      10am - 7pm
Sunday, October 8        10am-5pm

111 North 14th Street (US HWY 75), Fort Calhoun, NE, United States, Nebraska

More information here


Bisqueware ready to go in the kiln. Three small Coral sculptures and part of a Circle.
The firebox of my kiln after about 40 firings.

Solo Exhibition at Anderson O'Brien

MAY 29, 2023

Hi again!

Here is the information for my exhibition which opens at Anderson O'Brien Fine Art in Omaha.  I'll be at the opening reception.  Thanks for looking!

Anderson O'Brien Fine Art
June 2 - 24
Opening Reception June 2, 5-8pm

3220 Farnam Street Suite 210, Omaha, NE 68131


Ring #1 Wood fired porcelain 21 x 21 x 2
Stripes #1 Wood fired porcelain 16 x 21 x 3
Coral # 4 Stoneware with slip and glaze 42 x 15 x 11
Coral # 2 55 x 23 x 13 Stoneware with slip and glaze

Upcoming Events

MAY 11, 2023


I have two exhibitions opening in the next month.


Signature Contemporary Craft

May 13 - June 17

Opening Reception May 13, 5-8pm

690 Miami Circle NE, #125, Atlanta Georgia 30324



Anderson O'brien Fine Art

June 2 - 24

Opening Reception June 2, 5-8pm

3220 Farnam Street Suite 210, Omaha, NE 68131




I'll be showing a range of work from several series I am currently working on in both exhibitions.  In addition to my normal work, I will be displaying a few pieces in each exhibition of special note.  In 2019 an arsonist burned down the building where my studio was located.  If you are interested in the story, here it is.  After the fire, I dug through the ruins and excavated a number of pieces that survived and were "fired" by the building burning.  I will be including a few of these "Arson-ware" pieces in both exhibitions. 


Also, I have been working on a collaboration with Bright Angle porcelain design studio on a translucent porcelain pendant lamp that I am excited about.  This piece will be available for order with 6-8 week delivery time.  (I've included an informal image to give a sense of it -- better images coming soon.)


The images below are from my upcoming show at Signature Contemporary Craft in Atlanta


Finally, I have been having a few issues with my mailing list.  I'm in the process of trying to sort it out.  My apologies if you receive more than one newletter from me this time.


Thanks always for your interest and support and feel free to contact me with any questions. 






Petite Symbols with Pearl Glaze Wood fire stoneware with slip and glaze 38 x 55 x 4 $7000
Triangle Puzzle Wood fired stoneware with slip and glaze 16 x 17 x 6 $2700
Platter with Pearl Glaze Wood fired stoneware with slip and glaze 14 x 14 x 4 $1800
Arson-ware Symbols Stoneware, fired in arson-caused studio fire @ 9” diameter $877 each
Pendant Lamp Cast Translucent Porcelain 7 x 7 x 7 $700

Exhibition Opening this Friday. Also, Happy New Year!

JANUARY 4, 2023
Symbols with Mixed Patinas, Wood fired stoneware with slips and glazes, 56 x 56 x 5 in, 2022, $8,200
Symbols with Pearl Glaze, Wood fired stoneware with slip and glaze, 33 x 56 x 5 in, 2022, $5,300
Petite Symbols with Pearl Glaze, Wood fired stoneware with slip and glaze, 34 x 21 x 3 in, 2022, $3,300
Petite Symbols with Mixed Patinas, Wood fired stoneware with slips and glazes, 28 x 55 x 3 in, $6,400

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone's year is off to a good start. 


I have new work in an exhibition that opens this Friday at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in Asheville.  The name of the exhibition is Insignia and it features work by five other artists whose work I like a lot (Duy Huynh, Ishael Leaver, Kreh, Mellick, and Zack Noble).  It will be up until Feb 22. I invite you stop by and check in out or have a look at the work online here.


You can see all of my work currently at Blue Spiral 1 here


Thanks always for your interest and your support.  Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.



Insignia   Jan 6-Feb 22, 2023


Opening Reception

Friday Jan 6, 5-7pm


Blue Spiral 1, 38 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC, 28801   828.251.0202 Gallery HoursSunday-Tuesday 11-5Wednesday-Saturday 11-6  


starting a new series

JANUARY 31, 2022
This piece is going to hang on the wall. It'll be made from three parts that will be fired separately then fastened together.

Second September Firing, 2020

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020
Glazing station
Glazed pots and a pretty sky
Some of the new slip cast work in the wood kiln. I'm going to dump charcoal all over these pieces at the end of the firing. The seashells help them from falling into each other.
The front stack of work, just behind the firebox. The temperature in this area rises to about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, much hotter than the rest of the kiln.
The same pieces after the firing

Firing, Sept 2020

SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
Vases waiting in the sun
The kiln is loaded.
Patina on the firebox brick
Bisque that didn't make it in to this firing.
Unloading day
Some of my new cast work. In celadon and red slip.

Works in Progress, Sept 2020

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
During the first few months of the pandemic I made vases, which I haven't done in years. In the early part of my career, that was nearly all I made. It was fun to do it again.
Here's that same vase, and a few others, after the firing.
Sketching on the clay
Making a copy for the the other side. Similar to a cartoon. In the classical sense.
This piece is being build on its side.
Side walls and one face completed
The reinforcing coils, before they are blended in.
Tools pieces in progress