Over the years, I have developed a unique process which tends to work well for everyone involved

Once we settle on the details of the commission, I will make two different versions of that piece and you can choose the one you like best.  In the case of multi-piece wall installations, I will make twice the number of requested pieces.  The unselected piece(s) will go on to other exhibitions, galleries, etc.  I have found this process to be both fun and satisfying to clients.  Largely this is because the firing process I use (a wood burning kiln) creates beautiful surfaces, but is somewhat unpredictable.  Setting up the commission this way allows the client to make aesthetic choices both at the beginning and end of the process. This process really only works for sculpture or vessels within or close to my normal scope of work (all images on my website can be considered my normal scope of work.)  Commissions that fall outside my normal work are welcome, but may function a bit differently.  

Money:  Deposit required to begin, payment in full due before delivery.  Payment plans can be arranged to suit.

Timeline:  Commissions initiated in Fall will be completed in Spring

Please contact me directly if you are interested in commissions
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