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posted: March 23, 2010
Four Months in Imbe - A Brief Apprenticeship with Isezaki Jun
During the fall/winter of 2008-09 I had the opportunity to work as a short term apprentice in the studio of Isezaki Jun, Living National Treasure, in Bizen, Okayama, Japan.  This short film documents my experience. (The password is "woodfire")
Lindsey Wherrett April 26, 2011
Thanks for posting this wonderful video and blogging about your experiences. You are truly inspiring and I adore your work.
Peta Richardson September 11, 2012
It was great to see the video and remind myself of our many conversations around the dinner table here in Tasmania. There is an extention to the pottery happening now. Room for special repeat visitors from Northern Carolina. You are in our thoughts frequently. Looks like you and I have matching hair cuts now.

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